Your job can be challenging, being productive shouldn't be

Updated 2024 Workday Health Schedule includes links to 25+ workspace approved movement video. Each video was created to fit into your workday and workspace. These videos are organized into workday pain points - stress, tech neck, fatigue and focus help <<to name a few - and none are longer than 8 minutes; enough to keep you moving and productive.

This Healthy Workday Schedule is completely customizable. All the videos fit into the schedule so you can plan out your consistently pain-free and productive workdays. It's time to fit fitness into your workday to support your new healthy habit and check off everything on your to-do list!


What's inside this ☆FREE☆ Download

Healthy Workday Schedule Includes:

  • Completely customizable schedule so you can achieve everything on your to-do list.

  • 25+ Videos designed to fit movement into your workday minutes at a time.

  • Learn and use the JōbuFIT 50-10 ratio. Make your workday work for you and your body.

  • Stress no more, increase your productivity, and reduce body pain by scheduling stretching and movement into your day.

I know how busy workdays can get.

Let me help you get started on your healthy workstyle journey by planning time for your health. 

Your Healthy Work Schedule Awaits.

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