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About Alessa

Alessa Caridi is a certified IM=X Pilates instructor, artist, dance technician, and functional fitness speaker. She has a passion for perfecting her healthy self, fully understanding the wonderful machine that is the human body, and passing along her knowledge to her clients. Alessa’s passions were ignited during her time at University of California, Los Angeles where she studied anatomy and performing arts and obtained her B.A. in World Arts and Cultures, with a Dance Concentration. She is the proud founder of JōbuFIT. 

How it Started


JōbuFIT was created by Alessa when she was living in Japan. It is modeled after the daily exercises and routines that are incorporated in the Japanese workplace. Every morning in Japan, everyone takes the time to start their day with a brief stretch and awakening routine, known as ラジオ体操, or Rajio Taiso. After seeing the healthy habits practiced by the Japanese people, Alessa knew the west needed an equivalent. Thus, JōbuFIT was born. 

Why should YOU Jōbu?


Sitting is the New Smoking, Tech Neck, Sleeping Butt Syndrome: we've all heard of these issues about the sedentary work lifestyle.

JōbuFIT can teach YOU the proper posture and tools you need to reduce your body pain from an inactive lifestyle.

JōbuFIT provides you with videos from Monday to Friday for 8 weeks. These videos are designed to be completed daily, 100% from your personal work space in 8 minutes or less. These functional fitness workouts are designed to build strong bodies through proper posture and routines that rotate every Monday; enough time to master the video, but not enough time to get bored. 

Best Part: no need to change your work clothing, we can even do the workouts in heels!

Who Can Jōbu?

Everyone! Yes, everyone! JōbuFIT is designed to keep everyone in mind, no matter what your lifestyle looks like 

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