8 Weeks ➡ create your new healthy workstyle


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Your Healthy Workstyle Begins Now

Step by step lessons to train your body to crave movement at your workspace.


Minutes at a Time

Learn healthy habits that only take minutes every day.



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Your email is overloaded, you have digital meetings scheduled for- seemingly- the next 24 hours straight, and your body hasn't moved from your work station since you got out of bed this morning. >> You need a break. << What break can truly give you the mental rest and phycial boost your body needs to power though? A Jōbu-moment. Throughout the 8 weeks learn dozens of ways to help your body get stronger so it can work smarter.

Your Statue Lifestyle

We all know how it begins:

You have a job you love, but your Chair-Desk-Tech relationship is pulling your productivity levels

D  O  W  N. 

JōbuFIT is here to change that. No fancy new furnature upgrades, or researching posture correctors that you wear for a short time and then end up in a drawer. NOPE.

Simple steps to work with what you already have, YOUR BODY. 


The Solution is with JōbuFIT

Rid your body of pain

Solve the common catch-phrases of today: sitting is the new smoking, sleeping butt syndrome, tech neck, zoom fatigue, and more!

Increase productivity

Learn to schedule fitness into your workday and create sustainable high productivity.

Build a strong body and mind

Keep your body strong in the one place you have to be- your workspace.

Time is Your Friend

When you are working through this course. Create sustainable high productivity. A healthy workstyle will rid body pain and up productivity even when you devote minutes at a time - not hours. Get the tools to add the right kind of movement so you can rock your workday.


"Alessa has such a positive attitude and is a wonderful instructor. I found her incredibly easy to relate to and she also understood my hectic schedule... Alessa was wonderful at continuously challenging me. I would recommend Alessa to everyone."

A. Treece
Environmental Planner

"Prior to JōbuFIT, I suffered extensive back and lower back problems... I would often sit in positions that I thought would be helpful in aiding these pains, but little did I know that my posture actually contributed to these existing pains. I decided something had to be done. That's when I was introduced to Alessa Caridi and JōbuFIT, and my life changed for the better. After a few short experiments with the exercise videos, I noticed that the problems that I was having with my back and lower back gradually started to improve. I make it a top priority to sit up nice and straight, no longer leaning more to one side or sitting while slightly hunched over."

Fordham University Student

"The whole team was encouraged that making such little corrections in our posture can revolutionize our attitude toward our work. I have felt stronger and more stable ever since!"

Meredith B
Murray Hill Institute NYC Host

Your Healthy Workstyle Begins Now

In 8 Weeks: learn to move, stretch, and breathe your way to healthy living in your workspace

Steps to Workspace Success!

aka everything you will see and learn to have a fit and productive workday

How to apporach your desk, sit for success, breathe to energize, teach your brain to take a healthy break.

Try a variety of desk-approved moves and stretches, take a different kind of mental break, and train your brain to take a different kind of mental health break.

You know what to do, now let’s get specific. In this sections we will focus on specific body parts, try out a JōbuFIT a move of the week, take a write it out break to give your eyes a break from the computer screen, try a new workout

Create a strong core (aka torso) with moves and stretches and rest of your body strength will follow.

Review the foundation we have build in the first few weeks, Reinforce physical health with more movement, and learn the big secret to your workspace success!

Review and reinforce so that your body begins to truly make these new additions a healthy habit.

Finishing up our eight weeks together by building out your actionable healthy workstyle schedule. Create a healthy routine that includes everything we worked on together.

The Woman Behind the Movement, JōbuFIT Founder, Alessa Caridi

Alessa has a passion for perfecting her healthy self, fully understanding the wonderful machine we live in, and passing along her knowledge to anyone that will listen. Alessa is a UCLA grad and certified Pilates instructor, educator, and author. She has taught Pilates and danced professionally on 3 continents and owned her own Pilates studio in two countries.

Alessa Caridi, the Power Posture Pro:

Ergonomic and Presenteeism are Alessa's workplace dirty words. She believes your only way to success is to understand and master control of your body. Her tips and tools have been shared with audiences of all sizes, from zoom meetings in today's modern working situations to stages at the United Nations to TV segments - check out some of her favorites on Good Morning Washington.

Limited Time Offer 33% off Normal Price


Your Healthy Workstyle Begins Now

Step by step lessons to train your body to crave movement at your workspace.


Minutes at a Time

Learn healthy habits that only take minutes every day.



One payment of $150



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